The Vision of the institution is to provide quality higher education to students hailing from urban & rural areas at the lowest possible fees. The college hopes to play a lead role in capacity building of its students, preparing them for a pioneering and creative role in the development of the nation. It also hopes to maintain and improve the high standards set by its alumnae. JLD College envisions itself as continuing to be amongst the best colleges in the country, continually updating its pedagogic strategies and course structures.


The Mission of the institution is to translate Mr. Gopal Saxena vision into reality by working towards the following goals:
To make Jhamman Lal PG College a Centre of Excellence in Higher Education.
To upgrade and expand the existing infrastructure and develop it into state of art infrastructure.
To further diversify interdisciplinary courses and to provide special impetus to research and training, especially in Arts, Sciences, Commerce and Medical Sciences.
To start more self-sustaining Courses which enable students to develop life-skills and enhance their job prospects. • To provide the latest facilities in Sports to capitalize on the strong physical attributes of athletes hailing from rural and tribal areas.
To channelize the energy of the youth by tapping their creative talents, so that they emerge as conscientious global citizens and compassionate human beings.