Fee Structure

The following are the fee rules in the college:
1. The college fee will be deposited in one or two installment at the time of admission.
2. Fee deposited for admission will not be refunded under any circumstance, even if the student does not attend the class.
3. Along with practical subject, the students will have to deposit the fee in advance before taking the practical examination; otherwise they will not be allowed to appear in the practical examination.
4. Fee will be deposited in bank.

Post Graduate Fee: Rs. 6000
Under Graduate Fee: Rs. 5000

1. Enrollment Fee will be paid for seeking admission in the university for the first time only.
2. Degree Fee will be paid at the time of admission in U.G. & P.G. Final Year.

Fee Concession

Full and half fee concession is sanctioned to the poor and the eligible students on their application. Fee concession will be on behalf of Principal/Director.