Welcome to Jhamman Lal P.G. College, (JLDC) Hasanpur. It is my strong belief that education is a powerful driver of socio-economic change, a powerful instrument to transform the attitude, thinking and life style of the people and society. Knowledge gained by individuals enables them of informed choice and in turn gives impetus to growth and development of the nation. It has been my earnest desire to empower the society with enlightened, skilful and socially responsible citizens, which could have been possible only by educating the messes. As such, we engaged in this benevolent task of reconstructing the society by establishing educational institutions that could be beneficial to local as well as global environment. Our commitment is to provide a safe, positive and intellectual learning, professional disciplined environment of all JLDC members like students, faculties and staff etc.
My intense desire to contribute in eradication of social evils like ignorance, poverty and unemployment in this region, obligated me to take first initiative in the form of establishment of Jhamman Lal Degree, College, (JLDC) Hasanpur in year 2006.
With an aim to provide quality education at affordable cost, we resolved to make this College a repository of knowledge and diverse activities of human interest be it academic, culture, sports and community services that are needed for academic, physical and mental development of the students of new age. Again I strongly believe that right mix of education focusing on head, heart and hand can substantially help in meeting this challenge. The need therefore is to reorient education that concentrates on the development of right attitude, knowledge and skill set of the students.
Our University programmes of study are basically traditional and structured around our cherished values and principles viz. Right Philosophy, Right Knowledge, Right Conduct, which provide our students ample opportunities to imbibe entrepreneurial spirit with positive attitude, creative techniques and pluralistic aspect of society. I am confident that these initiatives shall sufficiently groom the students to acquire the required competencies to smoothly sail through their journey of personal and professional life.
My best wishes to all the aspiring students, faculties, & staff.

Gopal Saxena